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About us

Dream homes in Switzerland, Munich and Mallorca - to rent and buy

  • Maretimo offers real estate marketing services in Switzerland, Germany and Spain and is your professional partner for renting, buying and development.
  • Maretimo's portfolio includes carefully renovated properties in sought-after locations such as the greater Zurich area, Lake Constance, Munich and the southwest of Mallorca. These locations are not only highly sought-after due to their quality of life, but also offer a solid increase in value for properties for sale.
  • Whether renting, buying or project development: Maretimo is characterized by professionalism, a keen sense for properties with potential and individual support for all your needs.
  • Maretimo, your trusted real estate partner with a full-service package that inspires.

The idea behind Maretimo

Maretimo - even this name promises something special: the fusion of a bright blue sea and dreamlike real estate. A name that inspires the imagination.
The idea of harmonious weekends, a relaxed lifestyle - quality time with loved ones to enjoy and recharge your batteries for the often stressful, hectic everyday life at home.

Maretimo was born out of this imagination and idea: The story began with a Swiss man's dream of a retreat in the south, his love of Mallorca and a simple property. The property has developed into a dream property that is no longer recognizable. And even though the Swiss construction professional has already successfully realized this concept and his own dreams several times in recent years: The passion for discovering properties with potential to the point of transformation, that has remained.

Laura Mühlebach
Advice and sales

Verena Trachsler
Accounting & Administration

Nadine Roth

Elina Aebi

Tina Elmer
Project management

Moritz Mühlebach
Managing Director

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